Adhesive Concrete Anchor Training

Long time TFG member Tom Haanen, PE, who worked as an engineer with Hilti for 30 years, gave the group a good overview of concrete anchors Saturday morning, focusing on adhesive anchors in vertical down installations.

Tom has recently taken the ACI-CRSI Certified Adhesive Anchor Installer training  and presented this information to the group. After a good discussion of general practices as well as some of the nuances of installing epoxy in less than ideal conditions, the group moved outside to practice installing threaded rod in a concrete lock block.


Tom Haanen speaking to the group



2016 Assessment and Training

This year’s annual Training and Assessment will take place February 26-28 at Cascade Joinery in Ferndale, Washington, just outside of Bellingham. The topic for this year’s event is Site Work, and will include lift planning, rigging, raising, mechanical and adhesive connections, crane specifications, as well as other topics related to all the work that needs to happen after a frame leaves the shop and before the whetting bush is nailed to the peak.

Attendance for Supervising Journeyworkers and Apprentices is sponsored by the Apprenticeship Training Program (ATP). Registered Journeyworkers current in their dues can attend for the price of food, in this case three catered meals a day. For folks not a part of the ATP, the event cost is $300 and $180 for food.

In advance of the event, the Apprenticeship Training Committee (ATC) has distributed several tests to help the apprentices get the most out of the presentations in Ferndale. A selection of test questions will be posted here over the next few weeks. Click on a question to bring up a larger image.

If you are interested in attending the event, or want answers to the pre-event test questions, email

test question 3

test question 2

test question 1